Not the Gear: The Photographer Podcast

--- Adam Juniper, Tanya Nagar, Dan M Lee ---

Photography publisher (and drone nerd) Adam Juniper, with co-hosts Tanya Nagar or Dan M Lee discuss creative techniques to improve your photography, whatever your camera. Regular tips and advice come from in-depth guest interviews. Tanya is an accomplished Street Photographer, Dan a professional adventure photographer based in New York. Both have travelled the world to shoot photographs, while Adam has toured the world to work with some of the biggest names in photography.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Planning a Camera Caper

    Dan M Lee, Adventure Photographer and author of [Creative Photography](, is joining the ranks of patent-holding game designers, and his game is for photographers. After the news, we get into the mechanics of the game, [Camera Caper](, and how you can sign up as a beta tester. The news itself includes ...


  2. Forever Seen on the Streets

    Melissa Robinson ([@Foreverseen]( joins the Covid Street team in our special series. Melissa's story is striking because she's travelled so far, and done so much, only to find herself having to make yet another creative change because of the onset of Covid and the lockdown. Undeterred she has masked up and set ...


  3. Rear Window

    Guest Jacopo Rufo joins us from Italy as we explore the impact of Covid on photographers around the world. Tom Clabots, co-founder of CovidStreet, returns to join co-hosts Adam and Tanya in what is the second of a series linked to the [Covid Street]( project, which is also celebrating a major ...


  4. Doing it Underwater

    Joining Adam Juniper & Dan M Lee this week is special guest JR DeSouza of [Outex](, the camera waterproofing system comapny. Between JR and Dan we discover a few surprising things about the 'camera condom,' including it's uses in the Covid crisis. We also explore setting the experience of setting up ...


  5. Covid Street: Shared photographic hope

    [@Covidstreet]( The Covid crisis is unlike anything before it; global, terrifying, and with the potential to leave an earthshattering legacy which outlasting even the harm the virus itself causes. We don't even know how far it'll spread, or what it'll do, but already some are talking about saddling the next generation ...