Not the Gear: The Photographer Podcast

--- Adam Juniper, Tanya Nagar, Dan M Lee ---

Photography publisher (and drone nerd) Adam Juniper, with co-hosts Tanya Nagar or Dan M Lee discuss creative techniques to improve your photography, whatever your camera. Regular tips and advice come from in-depth guest interviews. Tanya is an accomplished Street Photographer, Dan a professional adventure photographer based in New York. Both have travelled the world to shoot photographs, while Adam has toured the world to work with some of the biggest names in photography.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Ep 5 - Tanya in India (Part 1)

    This month we swerve the tech-talk from the season of trade shows and take a look at the experience of visiting India and the street photohtaphy tips from regular co-host Tanya Nagar, author of the New Street Photographer's Manifesto. ![The Dog]( ![The Girls]( ![The Trident Man]( ![The Banks]( ...


  2. Ep 4 - Drones

    In our pilot, Adam interviewed Tanya about her latest work; this time the tables are turned as Tanya finds out all about Adam's latest project, the book [The Complete Guide to Drones 2nd Edition]( Before that, in the news we look at: 1. Whether Juergen Teller's Rihanna shoot was cultural appropriation, ...


  3. Ep 03 - Seamus Travers, Tear Gas & The CONIFA Cup

    We meet street photographer Seamus Travers known for shooting everything from leaping horses of Dublin to Tear Gas and Chaos in Istanbul & Turkey. He has been interviewed on Adorama TV, been exhibited at the V&A, and now he tells Tanya and Adam all about his career. One of Traver's ...


  4. Ep 2 - Joeseth Carter, Gig Photographer

    Self-taught gig photographer Joeseth Carter joins us to talk through his fast-moving career, the experience of being the one on stage nobody is looking at, and editing images from the back of a tour bus. We also talk about Sony's plan to hit the number one spot in photography and ...


  5. Ep 1 - Dan M Lee, Amsterdam, Electronic Viewfinders & Fake Anteaters

    For our first full episode, The Photographer Podcast - hosted by Adam Juniper & Tanya Nagar - welcomes Dan M Lee, British professional photographer working in New York. We were lucky to catch him on the way back from a travel photography job shooting King's Day in Amsterdam. We also ...