Not the Gear: The Photographer Podcast

--- Adam Juniper, Tanya Nagar, Dan M Lee ---

Photography publisher (and drone nerd) Adam Juniper, with co-hosts Tanya Nagar or Dan M Lee discuss creative techniques to improve your photography, whatever your camera. Regular tips and advice come from in-depth guest interviews. Tanya is an accomplished Street Photographer, Dan a professional adventure photographer based in New York. Both have travelled the world to shoot photographs, while Adam has toured the world to work with some of the biggest names in photography.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Covid Ideas for Photographers (and Dan's ideas for better glue)

    Professional photograpgher Dan M Lee, and photograpy writer Adam Juniper discuss the latest developments in the news. OK, the one development. And its impact on photography events. After some inevitable banter – don't worry, agressively edited – we get down to offering some ideas for how you could use your down ...


  2. Vanity Fair, Best Lens for Street, and Photographer's SEO

    Adam and Dan go deep into key subjects this week, including "How Close is Too Close" sparked by Fuji dropping a brand ambassador for breaking this protocol, as well as what Focal Length is good for Street Photography and – for those of a more commercial perspective – a beginners ...


  3. The New Great Debates of Photography

    There are a lot of questions this time, starting right off in the news section. We take a serious look at the supposed advantages of the new [Leica M10 Monochrom](, a digital camera that can only shoot in black and white. ## Is it too easy to shoot models? Following the PetaPixel ...


  4. Under the Influencers

    Dan M Lee is back and, after we cover all the news from CES (yes, sorry, a bit of gear-chat), we get right into one of the hot topics of the day – can we trust online reviews? In the meat of the show, we learn what Dan has been doing ...


  5. Tanya in India - Part 2

    We promised it, and we delivered. Straight back in from the end of the previous Episode 5 – go back and listen in the podcast episode of your choice first if you haven't already – we continue hearing about Tanya's trip to India, taking in Varanasi, Bodh Gaya, and some classic ...